Sponsorship & Advertising


Nobody knows your business better than YOU. You know your image and branding. You know your goals. You know how you want your business to align in your community and with your current/ prospective customers.

Let me tell you about OUR population. We are Male & Female. We are 100% Employed. We are made up of Military, Civilians, and Contractors. We are Single. We are Married. We are a very diverse population made up of many people and many demographics.

There are 2 ways to reach our population:

Sponsorship of Events


Sponsorship of Events: These can range from TOP Level (Naming and High Exposure) to AlaCarte (minimal exposure). Each event will offer different elements of recognition designed to meet your goals and budgets. We can present ideas to you, or you bring your most creative thoughts for consideration. Its YOUR business, you know it best!

Advertising: This can be done internally with Digital Display Advertising (static or dynamic), TWIC Messages (internally email blast to 9000+ subscribers focused on CWF events and services), TWIC/PDF THEATRE which adds a visual element to your TWIC message, or buy advertising space on our public facing website at www.CWFMWR.com

Create customizable plans to effectively reach your customers!!

For more info on Sponsorship and Advertising with CWF, please fill out the form below.