Privacy Policy


Authority: Authority for collecting requested information contained in the Public Law 86-36, as amended; DoD Instruction 1015.08(DoD Civilian Employee

Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Activates and Supporting Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI)); DoD Instruction 1015.10 (Military Moral, Welfare, and

Recreation Program).

Purpose: The requested information will be used to contact interested parties to partner with the Civilian Welfare Fund (CWF) to become a vendor/sponsor or provide

advertisements on CWFMWR website. 

Routine Use: DoD’s Blanket Routine Use (found at Appendix A to 32 CFR Part 310), as well as specific uses enumerated in GNSA21, apply to this information. 

Disclosure: Disclosure of the requested information is voluntary. However, failure to furnish the requested information may result in a denial to engage in CWFMWR programs.

The Civilian Welfare Fund (CWF) frequently partners with third-party organizations for events and registrations. Third-party websites and applications that are not owned,

operated, or controlled by the CWF are important to internet-based operations and are used to enhance official communication. For more information, please click the links

below for the privacy policies of the sites we partner with.